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Selfie before my case

Hi! I’m Miranda, welcome to my blog. My goal is to help other surgical techs succeed in the OR. Whether you are a student, have 20+ yrs of experience or somewhere in the middle, we all have something to offer to other techs. In this job, no one knows it all. As medicine is ever-changing, we all need to work together to continue our education, knowledge and skills. I want to share the knowledge I have as well as tips and tricks I have picked up along way. I by no means know it all, but I am constantly reaching out to fellow scrubs with different experiences to expand my knowledge and help others. Team work in the OR is a must! Even though I’m not in your OR, we can still work as a team to help all surgical techs succeed in the OR! I would love for you to look around my blog and perhaps find something helpful or even just entertaining. I love feedback so feel free to comment or contact me with any questions or ideas.

About Me

I’m a full-time mommy and full-time Certified Surgical Technologist.  What is a scrub tech you ask? Well, I get to work in the operating room with some of the most talented doctors, nurses and techs. My role, in a nut shell, is to assist the surgeon during operations. I specialize in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine but also scrub Plastics, Urology, and ENT. When I was a student I rotated through big hospitals as well as surgical centers and loved them both. But as I am a mother to little ones, I felt it best to work in a surgical center for the time being. This gives me more opportunity to be with my family and children. Unfortunately, this also prevents me from scrubbing some awesome specialty cases only done at hospitals. But maybe someday, I get back to the big hospital. I am truly passionate about what I do and I can’t imagine doing anything else! Thank you for reading my blog and for your support, if you’ve enjoyed the content please subscribe and share with your friends.