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my favsThese are some of the products and tools I use daily. Some items such as the tee shirts and mugs, I haven’t yet purchased but I thought you might enjoy. Other products like shoes and education materials, I swear by or they have come highly recommended.

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star wars scrub cap     scrub cap




Some of my favorite caps for men and women are compiled on my Pinterest board here.


Find the best shoes for the long hours in the OR here. Top picks for Men and Women.


Awesome Surgical Tech Gear And Gifts

You can find great gift ideas for the surgical tech on my Pinterest board here or click below on the surgical tech Must Haves.

Recommended CST Study Materials

CST exam bookWhen I was studying for my CST exam, I used two main sources to study. The first was a book by AST, Surgical Technologist Certifying Exam Study Guide. This book contains 6 practice exams and science review questions for a total of 1,386 practice questions. Every exam reflects the NBSTSA exam content outline and provides an explanation of each answer. I found this book was most helpful to me because the majority of my exam questions were on the practice tests. *This doesn’t mean it will be exactly the same for you as there are multiple tests but it is a very good starting point.



The Netflix of Surgical Education! This site is amazing, get access to multiple surgeries within multiple specialties! I am LOVING my premium subscription! I wish it had been around when I was a student. Stop wasting time searching through YouTube! All the videos are in one place and easy to find with high quality content. giblib

  • The best videos in 4K, HD and 360 Virtual Reality
  • Content from the top institutions and surgeon thought leaders
  • The largest 360VR surgical library in the world
  • Weekly releases of GIBLIB Original content
  • Full length cases with surgeon narration

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