1. Rica Lottmann

    Thank you for allowing me to have this opportunity, Miranda! I’m lucky to have a great person and friend in my life. Keep doing what you are doing.
    Also, many thanks to all who took the time to read this. I was worried not many would line it!!

  2. Lidyana

    Awesome article and sooooooooo very true. My fellow Jersey girl is on point. Scrub tech life, Paterson NJ here 30 years at St Joes.

  3. Tampa Florida

    I so understand your obsession with people grabbing things off the mayo.
    I’m a surgical technologist.
    I find it in a lot of the new scrub techs.
    Grabbing things off my mayo , then throwing them back up anywhere.
    Drives me crazy, and messes with my flow.
    I try to speak to them, and ask them not to touch the mayo.
    And they rebel…….
    I wish they wouldn’t scrub in ,and let me handle things alone. As I work better without there interference. I’ve been a surgical tech for 22 years. And don’t understand why they don’t get it ?

    • Rica Lottmann

      I espcially hate when the medical student or resident tries to “help” when you are busy. They grab the wrong thing and hand it to the surgeon and then they look at you as if you are stupid or something! Grrr, so frustrating. They don’t get it because they think they are helping helping. Actually, they are making it worse, even when they grab something just to hold onto it but you have no idea they took it.
      I so Hear you!! Thank you for your feedback. I’m not a writer, that’s for sure but this was a fun piece I was passionate about. Follow this blog as it is filled with great stuff and more to come!!
      Happy Holidays!!

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