Easy Ways To Save Money On Items You Already Purchase


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Whether you have a nice cushion in your bank account or are living paycheck to paycheck, everyone likes to save money. In the past I have lived paycheck to paycheck and I understand how stressful it can be. Even now finances can get stressful when some unexpected expense pops up. So over the past year I have found a few great options to save money on items I was already purchasing which essentially put money back in my pocket!

Save Money And Time By Shopping Online

Shopping online is my favorite way to shop. It saves me valuable time and money, and I love the excitement of receiving packages in the mail. As I have a 5 year old, it’s always stressful trying to shop in the store while she begs and pleads for the newest toy. I can avoid this all together by shopping online with my favorite sites. These sites also save me money with great discounts and cash back.

#1 Ebates

Save money on items you already purchase with Ebates. It is a site that gives you cash back for shopping with them. They offer brands like Amazon, Walmart, Kohl’s and many more with coupons, sales and promo codes that give you cash back. It’s so simple to use, just sign up and shop through Ebates at your favorite store. You will earn cash back on your purchases that you then cash out via check or PayPal. Why spend time shopping in store when you can save more money by shopping from your couch.

#2 The Dollar Shave Club

Most of us still use the almighty razor. Everyday, shaving to keep that smooth sexy look, but razors are so expensive! You can easily spend over $20 a month on the good razors at the store. Sure, you can buy the cheap ones that dull after one use but then your spending just as much to replace it everyday. I have found the solution, save money on items you already purchase with The Dollar Shave Club. This online club offers GREAT razors and shaving products at a fraction of the cost and they are shipped directly to your mailbox.

This club has saved me hundreds of dollars over the past few years that I have been a member. Sign up for DSC is simple. Choose your razor of choice, they offer 3 types, and input your info and the frequency of shipment. Depending on which razor you choose, you will receive 4 or 5 cartridges at a time. I use the 4X, and one blade last me a week! These are just as good as any high end razor and less than half the cost at $6.00 per month. Shipping is even free on this plan. The other plans range from $1 per month with a $2 shipping charge to $9 per month with free shipping. Check out my inexpensive body scrub that doubles as shaving cream to pair nicely with your new razors.

#3 PoshmarkPoshmark

Let’s face it, our wardrobe is a large part of our expenses and if you have taste like mine, it can be very expensive! Then came Poshmark, use this app to save money on items you already purchase like clothing and accessories. This app is the best thing to happen to fashion! You can buy and sell, new and gently used, brand name clothing for a fraction of the cost. Not only can you save money by buying on this site, you can make money! I have been a Posher since 2014, and have found countless deals and made a fair amount of money selling my unwanted clothes. Simply install the app for ios or android and use my code BNMAA to get $5 off your first order. Once you sign up you can check out my Poshmark Closet to see what I sell to earn extra money. Don’t wait, use these easy ways to save money on items you already purchase now.


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