1. Soooz

    the first one…if you don’t like teaching, don’t do it.
    ** is this an option?? I was always under the impression that the charge nurse made you be a preceptor… and it only pays like a dollar an hour more?
    I ask because when I was in clinicals, it was the absolute worst time of my life!
    Most preceptors were just nasty, like they hated me, hated precepting, resented being made to precept , one would even mix up my mayo while i was called out of room to meed with advisor for 2 minutes…then scold me for not knowing where things were when surgeon asked for them. Felt like a set up,, to embarrass me.
    I had maybe 3 really really good preceptors who I still think of today. They were amazing. Taught me patiently, explained things, I will always remember them.

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