1. Jenn

    Surgical ninjas, YES! I too, love what I do,. This is my second career, I was fortunate enough to go back to college at 41 & since graduating 5 years ago, I’m happy I made the career change 😊

  2. Alice Dungen

    You’re off and running with a great beginning! You are right, we are the “Ninjas” that are hardly ever recognized and in the background, until the sh** hits the fan and someone needs help! Surgery simply couldn’t happen without a surgical technologist! Great job with lots of fun topics in your blog.

  3. […] Good surgical techs are highly sought after, and if you can rock it you can make good money and have skills that can take you anywhere. I am going to give you a few tips that helped me stand out as a surgical tech. Every place you go will be different. Every surgeon will do things differently, use different systems, and have different preferences, but I will give you the foundation to prove your worth and stand out from the rest. […]

  4. Teerie Ponder

    I’m currently a ACP (CNA) at a hospital in Florida and I just got accepted into the Surgical tech program at the college here that starts in the fall.. I’m nervous and exited at the same time..Is there any advice you can give someone who only know a little bit on what she is getting into.

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      Hi! Congrats on your acceptance to tech school! If you haven’t already, check out my post How To Stand Out In The OR. I have summed up the basics of what you should do as a scrub tech. When I started school I only knew a little about being a tech but I KNEW I wanted to be in the OR. I was in a program that did most of the classwork first then did clinical rotations, so it was hard to know exactly what it would be like. My program was amazing and my instructors were experienced in the OR which really helped to prepare me. I’m sure your program will be the same. The best advice I can give is to never give up, it will be hard at times but it is worth it in the end. Be a sponge! Absorb as much knowledge as you can and never stop learning. The OR can be a rough place at times so you need to have thick skin. Most of the time you aren’t the problem even tho docs may take it out on you. You have to be tough and confident, knowing you did your best and followed best practices. Please let me know if you have any other questions! I am always happy to help. Best of luck on your journey to becoming a surg tech!

  5. Dan Miley

    Great article!
    I LOVE what I do too, I must because I’ve been a Surgical Tech for 33 years. I work in a Trauma Center in Florida. I too love ortho, but I also do all the other Types of surgery. I also help teach new grads, and tech students at our facility.
    I loved #1 Be Humble.
    I tell new tech all the time, I’ve been a tech for 33 years, and I don’t know it all. If you thank you know it all, it’s time to find a new career. There is always room for growth.

    Keep posting and God Bless

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      Thank you! Im in the process of creating an ebook for new techs with info that you just dont learn in school. With your experience and teaching, if you have any thing you’d recommend for new techs I’d love to hear it! Thanks for reading my posts!😊

  6. Karen Hoff

    Hello, I have just recently started seriously looking into the surgery tech field. I am currently a veterinary technician (for 24 years, 9 of those in emergency), looking for something a little different. I think this is something I would really enjoy doing. I wouldn’t be able to start certification classes until next year so I have a little time to make sure. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      Hi Karen! Omg I was a vet tech first too! I think this is why I “got it” as a surg tech. My thing was as much as i loved vet tech i wanted more exciting surgery than spays and neuters. I love it! I hope my post truly expresses how passionate I am about my job. Id say go for it!! Please subscribe to be notified of my new post as i will be posting a lot on surg tech stuff. Feel free to contact me any time with questions!

  7. Tracy

    I’m currently searching for a school that teaches Surgical Technology. I find it difficult because I have a family and a job. Now I NEED to go to school! I just *feel* it !!! Do you have any advice on what to look for in a school?? Ive been doing my research, but the school I found that seemed like a great fit doesn’t have very good reviews. My heart sank a little bit… I’m kind of stuck at the moment…. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      Hi Tracy! I think its awesome that you are ready to continue your education! I understand how hard it can be, I was a single mom of an infant when I started my surg tech school. Fortunately i had family to help me out. The best thing I can advise is to find a school that is accredited! If it isnt your schooling is about worthless. Also id recommend finding a program that offers an associates degree vs. Certification. This is because if you choose to later continue your education its easier to start with an associates degree. Keep your head up and keep looking. You will find a good fit!

  8. Ashlie Dominguez

    Loved your post! I am a prospective student looking at either Surgical Tech or Sonography. Two different fields of the spectrum for sure! As I read about surgical techs, what they do, etc. It gets me incredibly excited. Grey’s Anatomy is also my favorite so that of course lead me to wanting to be apart of helping people in the OR. My question is, if you were in my shoes and had to choose one without fully understanding what it is, which would you choose? Also, how long did it take you to find a job after school?
    The school I’m looking into is 24 months and $30,000. Does that sound right?

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      Hi Ashlie, thank you for reading my post! If I had to choose I would still go with surg tech because I knew I wanted to be in surgery and nowhere else lol! I was offered 2 jobs before I graduated. Both were at facilites that I had done clinical rotations at. My school was a 2 yr associates degree and cost about 30k. Worth every penny! Make sure your school is accredited! And its best to get an assoicates vs. Certification if you ever plan to continue your education! If you have any other questions feel free to email me at lovebloodandscrubs@gmail.com Best of luck!

  9. Lindsay

    Looks like Cheyenne mountain in CO. I was a scrub tech before I was a nurse and I miss scrubbing everyday. Great article and inspired by how positive you are about our field. Keep encouraging people to be a part of our crazy but wonderful OR world:-)

    • Julie

      Hi Lindsay,
      I’m not sure if you would get this, I hope you do. I am a medical assistant for 5 years and looking for something more. My heart screams surgical tech., but then I was also looking at schools to be an RN. What made you decide to go from a surgical tech to nurse? Thanks.

      • Staci Renert

        Hi Julie – I’m in the same boat. Can’t decide between the two professions. Very different from beginning to end. How are you going to make your decision?S

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