1. Jean Leavy, RN CNOR. Retired

    Love this Jen. Yes the best, safest intra-op care is delivered by A TEAM. A surgical team that is meticulous, + devoted to each patient. Loved working with all the people on the team. Very hard, physical, stressful, but so rewarding job. I miss it, and I miss my former OR colleagues.

  2. Pamella Olsyn

    As our dear friend Jean states,TEAMWORK is the key. I am grateful to have been taught by Jean,Monica and wonderful crew of RNs and techs. I believe the best way to teach someone to be a circulator is to have them learn to scrub first to give them a better understanding of what is needed and what occurs at the sterile field. Of course,as my friends will attest,I get annoyed when my scrub tech/ nurse automatically repeats a surgeon’s request before I have a chance to respond. I pride myself on the ability to multitask,an ability we have all learned along the way. If I am scheduled to do a case I haven’t done in a while or work with a surgeon with whom I either haven’t worked or haven’t worked recently I consult with those who know them better- often relying on the awesome techs who are part of our team. Thanks to all my teammates!

  3. Terry Sickles

    You were spot on with everything you wrote! I was truly blessed to have worked with the most amazing nurses….. We all got along, helped each other and worked as a team!

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