1. Ortho! Do you have any podiatrists that you work with? I do a lot of foot and ankle fractures, bunions, and other fun plate and screw cases :). These are great tips for standing out in any medical field. Love!

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      Thank you! Yes I do work with a few podiatrists but mostly orthopods, we do a lot of foot and ankle at my facility. I enjoy all ortho, feet to shoulders 😃

  2. Claudette

    So when you say you are the ortho coordinator what do you. Just curious cause i am a scrub tech and where I work they don’t allow scrubs to do that. So just curiousto where you are located.

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      Hi Claudette,
      I work in CO, my job as ortho coordinator consists of many things. I am in charge of ordering and keeping par for all ortho related implants and supplies. I also communicate daily with any ortho rep that may be needed for our cases. Most of the time this is to make sure the correct instrument sets, and implants(that we don’t typically stock) are brought in for special cases. To do this I am consistently going over the schedule for the next week or two so I can prepare for the upcoming cases. I also need to know all the ortho docs and what they like to use and how to use it. This is so I can help keep things moving smoothly and so I have answers to questions from coworkers regarding the ortho docs and cases. There are a lot of little things I do but these are the main things. I want my docs to have what they need and I want my coworkers to feel comfortable working in ortho cases so I answer a lot of questions lol! Thanks for supporting my blog, and please let me know if you have any other questions!

  3. […] My job as a Certified Surgical Technologist, AKA scrub tech, is essentially to assist the Surgeon during operations. But I also have to set up and maintain a sterile field, know hundreds of surgical instruments and how to use them. I need to know the procedure that’s being done and the steps required to do it, and understand how and when to use any implant that is required. Basically I need to know what the Surgeon wants before he knows he wants it. And these are just a few of my responsibilities as a Surgical Tech. […]

  4. Eunice

    Thanks for your article! I really enjoyed it. I’m an OR Nurse. Ive been an ortho nurse and recently on the cardiac and vascular team. I wish i had more opportunities to scrub into cases.

    I think everything you mentioned was true, and encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Denise hensler

    Excellent article, on point advice!
    I’ve been a tech for 16 years & I still keep my litttle notebook in my pocket!
    Also, never burn bridges! The OR community is a small world, so stay classy!

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      Thank you! You are so right about burning bridges, it is crazy how small the surgical world is. Thanks for your comment, I love hearing from my readers!

  6. Rachel Ng

    Greetings- off topic question. I am one of the managers of a Office based surgery center in the Bronx, NY. Where is the best site to advertise and/or look for candidates for employment? It’s a very competitive area and we are struggling to find candidates. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • lovebloodandscurbs

      I’m sorry for my delayed response. I understand the difficulty involved in finding candidates to hire, my facility is having a similar issue. It seems there aren’t enough surgical techs to keep up with demand. I wish I had a good answer for you but unfortunately all I can come up with are the general online companies such as indeed. You could also look into LinkedIn as I see lots of recruiters there. Travel agencies may be a place to find temporary help that could turn into long-term. I hope this helps and I wish you the best!
      Thanks for your support,

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